Membership is open to all mothers and female guardians of multiples.  Membership dues are $30 per year.  Prospective members are welcome to attend up to three meetings prior to joining.  Expectant mothers are encouraged to join and participate prior to delivery. 

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Membership to OCMOM offers the following benefits:

  • Subscription to the electronic OCMOM monthly newsletter, Multiple Listings, which features monthly playdates, location of the monthly general and business meetings, information on moms' nights out, tips on raising multiples, and classified ads of multiple items for sale.  
  • Monthly playdates at local parks, local attractions, and members' homes. Special family activities including the Annual Summer Picnic, Halloween party, Holiday party, and Easter Egg Hunt.   
  • Stork mom program to help new mothers.
  • Private Yahoo group and Facebook group where you can get your multiple related questions answered by other club members 24 hours a day (paid membership only).
  • Automatic membership in the Multiples of America (National Organization of Mothers of Twins Club, Inc )and subscription to their bimonthly newsletter "The Notebook".
  • Automatic membership in the Southern California Mothers of Multiples Club, Inc.  This organization covers the southern half of California from Fresno to the Mexican Border.  SCMOMC features a yearly convention and a yearly workshop (in May and November respectively) which offers the opportunity to meet hundreds of mothers of multiples. The weekends are filled with speakers, workshops, outstanding raffles, and fun.